Lesson Design Map

Designed with teachers, parents, and students, the Lesson Design Map answers the question “how could we nurture an interdisciplinary mind in the teaching of economics?”.

It connects existing curriculum concepts and topics across current subjects taught in schools. It ensures rigor through the same. Through fast fashion, it also makes climate change highly relevant to daily living.

This is a prototype of an artifact of the near future. It explores what a lesson plan could look like in 2020.


“the synthesizing mind… takes information from disparate sources… and puts it together in ways that make sense… [and] the capacity to synthesize becomes ever more crucial as information continues to mount at dizzying rates.”

Five Minds for the Future – Howard Gardner



School subjects:lesson-design-map_website-02


School subjects:lesson-design-map_website-04



Download PDF – Lesson Design Map


References click HERE.

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